Big Picture Communication worked with Toronto-based IAMGOLD on the production and design of this handbook for all field staff of the international mining company. We edited and proofread, advised on content, and wrote one section of the book. We also designed and did layout, using existing brand elements from previous company productions, while developing a fresh take on the corporate look and feel for this reference piece.

PRINT: Complete design, layout and formatting of 100-page book Cover design & full-page photo spreads Titles, headers and content text and paragraph style presets FSC Certified,  EcoLogo & ZeroFootPrint eco-friendly printing

COPY & CONTENT: Composition of “Introduction to Community Investment” section Proof-reading & editing drafts of all sections, ensuring common voice, tone, spelling & grammar Interactive table of contents on pdf version

PHOTO, VIDEO & GRAPHICS Creation of more than 40 unique graphics – tables, charts, infographics, etc. All graphics and line work  use  colour-coding for different sections, section page top indicators for quick reference. With a decade of experience in print design and document layout, Big Picture Communication delivers professional-quality print projects, from flyers to books, to billboards.