Project Description


Energy Canvas

Big Picture Cleantech is pleased to be working closely with Stephen Tordoff on multiple new business initiatives, kicking off with a new Energy Canvas website. Replacing a basic self-built site, we’ve helped design a visually-engaging portrayal of this parent company and the range of services and technology development it offers.

The site is fully responsive, including the large home-page slider with subtle “Ken Burns” panning. We make use of tabbed content and accordion-style toggles to nest content, allowing the user to quickly take in a overall breadth of expertise, without overwhelming them, and still offering the opportunity to dive deeper into the details with a simple click of a + symbol. The added benefit is a sense of exploration as one navigates through the content, inviting site visitors to check out the entirely of the content on offer.

While the site has been launched, there are still numerous areas left to build out more completely. New imagery and supporting graphics, as well as regular postings of news stories are the top priorities, and as the business matures, we will be listing case studies to showcase completed projects.