Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative

Big Picture was commissioned to produce four reports by CBSCI, related to the policy, feedstock, operations, and aviation sector considerations of a stable supply chain for biofuel in Canadian air travel, each between 20 – 50 pages in length.

Each report required minor proofreading and editing,  and of course extensive formatting, layout, and the design of the many pieces of data graphics – diagrams, charts, tables and graphs.

The final product was four interactive PDFs for display on the web and print-ready files for publication. We established a visual language in line with the branding we developed for the website, while ensuring it remained extremely professional in it’s look and feel, as it was oriented towards government and industry policy makers.

“Jason helped us conceive, create, and put into use the entire branding, website, and multiple report publications for our project, which worked perfectly!”

– Fred Ghatala, CBSCI / Waterfall Group