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Communication for cleantech & green business

Big Picture Communication has been designing and building communication projects for screen and print for over 15 years. We’ve worked with large companies and small, and take pride in our ability to consistently deliver high-quality, professional services. 



We provide a full-suite of research, analysis, writing, editing and proof-reading services. We know how and where to find relevant industry news and updates, and in-depth data needed for timely, meaningful content development. And we’ll spot a typo or missing punctuation mark from a mile away!

From tight, SEO-friendly social media updates and website text to publication-ready white papers, to complete sustainability reports, our professional writers and editors offer copy writing and content development to suite almost every subject and business sector in the spectrum of green, sustainable or responsible businesses.


Let us help you strategize and create a content-marketing campaign that will ensure people come across your material when searching for information related to your industry. With a multi-pronged approach that includes key-word analysis, SEO, Analytics, landing pages, social media, news stories and blog posts, and a few longer pieces of in-depth materials such as case studies and white papers, we’ll make sure you show up on the radar! Give us a call to discuss.



Let us introduce you to our vision for what sustainability reporting can be, and how it can help even smaller or newer companies.

We are passionate about the process of reporting – a process that is much more than the documents that get created. We believe it can be a powerful management tool and ultimately beneficial to your business as a whole, not simply an act of charity for the sake of PR.

From preliminary strategy for companies looking to differentiate themselves through to the exercises needed to drive the process – scope, boundary and materiality analysis, data management, and more – we can assist your company in phasing in a seamless, integrated set of assessment, disclosure and goal-setting measures.


There are so many overlapping obligations and surveys and voluntary initiatives that require submitting your performance data to 3rd parties now, that it can take a full-time role just to keep up with them!

We understand the diverse range of industry standards, data formats, principles, and frameworks. We are systems organizers and can help you put everything in context and avoid redundant work.

From risk analysis and mitigation to social license to financial lending requirements – there are plenty of reasons to adopt standards and meet external criteria. But it doesn’t have to be a burden and huge expense, with endless survey fatigue and multiple versions of the same data. Let us help you organize your obligations, streamline your data management, and meet the requirements, all while helping drive real change from the inside.



We build sharp websites – clean, straight-forward, easy to navigate for your visitors and easy to update for you. Based on the explosively popular WordPress platform, we build all our sites with enhanced security features, reliable daily back-up in case anything goes wrong, sitemaps and standard SEO plug-ins for getting found, and lots more.

We start with a solid foundation and we can add lots of content and features, growing as you grow.

We create targeted microsites and full-scale business e-commerce platforms and everything in between. Beyond just the pages that describe your company or project, we can use your website as a communication hub, order centre, media library, customer portal, sortable project or product portfolio, and include calendars, forms, and tons of other functionality too.

Online Marketing

A great website is only valuable if people can find it. Let us break down the complicated and ever-changing world of search engine rankings and algorithms, key words, content, headers, tags, meta data and all the other factors that go into ensuring your site shows up online.

We can help you with the basics like how your site is set up, the basic features of good site architecture and key tools like site maps. But we can also work with you on the important stuff – your content. These days, natural content is what Google likes. You get penalized for stuffing key words, so the best strategy is genuinely valuable content – blog posts and news, and informative pages that describe the products or services your customers are looking for.

We are working against a justifiably poor reputation in the SEO world. We understand what’s worth taking the time to do and what isn’t, and help you get the important stuff and avoid low-ROI marketing initiatives. And we’ll make it transparent and show you how it works.

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Branding is about so much more than just a logo! Identity development is a integral aspect of everything else you put out into the world, especially if you’re trying to distinguish yourself as a sustainable alternative to mainstream practices or products. You want to ensure consistent visual characteristics that promote recognition of your brand and familiarity with your company and its values.

We design tasteful, subtle, and uncluttered design using both timeless and contemporary graphic elements and fonts, that are sure to be memorable while still elegant.

We’ll also help you refine your core messages that define your company, and lock in a clear, balanced “look and feel” with the right imagery and graphics.


We know digital design – presentations, videos, web pages, digital portfolios, infographics, slide shows…we’re on it.

We also bring years of print experience – brochures, reports, magazine ads, packaging, books, signs, vehicle wraps, merchandise.

Plus, we’ll set up those obscure features such as linked tables of contents and automated page numbers, and we’ll make sure the final output is suitable for any print job, including bleeds and crop-marks, outlined fonts, and proper colour space settings. Not to mention optional FSC-certified paper, vegetable-based inks, and waterless printing – without compromising quality. We’ve got it all covered.

We’re a big proponent of clean design, legibility and effectively conveying the message, while integrating beautiful imagery and design elements such as complementary colour and tasteful, classic typography. We focus on timeless principles with the solid long-term indusry and aesthetic trends.