Project Description

This project entailed reviewing a range of business sectors’ activities and upstream/downstream supply chain management issues typically faced by companies in those sectors. We then examined them within the context of Vancity Credit Union’s Ethical Business Policies to determine whether there would be any conflict if the institution were to purchase from or do business with companies from these sectors. It included both established and emerging industries, an analysis of informal aspects of each business-type, some legal analysis, and an understanding of how blanket polices apply to unique and diverse circumstances in real-world scenarios.

The project was sub-contracted through a larger-scope policy review project, and entailed detailed business sector analysis and determination of criteria applicability. The end goal was to supply the Board of Directors with sufficient information to competently review, revise and re-write any policies for business engagement based on our broad-based analysis of the likelihood of conflict with pre-existing guidance.

As this was a private, internal project, please ask for more information if you wish to know more about the methodology and outcome of this project.