Project Description


i-SOLV International Chemicals

i-SOLV is an rapidly-growing producer of plant-derived green industrial chemistry products, including solvents, lubricants, acids, coatings, foams, and more. They are poised to dominate the NorthAmerican market, due to the extreme effectiveness and eco-friendly benefits of their products.

Big Picture Communication has been working with i-SOLV since their inception and continues to deliver all the marketing material and designed promotional collateral – both digital and printed – for the company.

  • Branding – Identity development, logo, style guide, all company imagery
  • Web – Full functional secure website with product listings and multimedia
  • Print – From business cards to MSDSs, product promo literature to brochures
  • Product labels – full suite of product labels, based on a common theme for brand recognition
  • Document management – cloud-based data and file system, allowing filtered access to various users, and full organization of common documents for collaborative use
  • News, social and promotional systems and content

Visit the company website at: i-SOLV.COM