Project Description


Advanced Biofuels Canada

Advanced Biofuels Canada is a national industry association representing the emerging sector of “advanced biofuels” – those which have significant (>50%) greenhouse gas emission reductions below gasoline and diesel, and are produced from renewable, sustainable biomass.

Almost a decade after we built the first version of the site, Big Picture Cleantech embarked on a complete re-design and re-built. As the scope and membership base of the association has grown, so too have the communication and resource requirements. Beyond just the basic info about the members and the work they do, the website is a significant resource center, many aspects of which are projects in their own right.

The extensive reports, studies, news posts, and other documentation are all well organized in clear categories and easy to access. The interactive members map allow users to get a geographical representation of the activities of the membership base.  The fuels dashboard contains both interactive tables and filter-able data sets. Explore the site to get a sense for the scale of this project!