If you need further proof that integrating sustainability into your company is good for business, the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) has recently published a post deconstructing a study that shows a significant enhancement in employee performance in companies that make significant strides to enhance their positive environmental performance. Read on to find out more…

Environmental Performance Boosts Employee Productivity
September 2, 2013 by NBS
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It’s widely accepted that firms that adopt CSR actions generally have better financial performance. But how do CSR activities influence financial performance? A new study shows that CSR activities are associated with higher financial performance in part through their impact on employees. Researchers Magali Delmas and Sanja Pekovic found an astounding 16 percent boost in employee productivity in firms that had voluntarily adopted sustainable practices, specifically Environmental Management systems.

Delmas and Pekovic have been named as the inaugural winners of the Research Impact on Practice Award, sponsored by NBS and the Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy of Management, a professional organization for sustainability researchers. Their study, “Environmental Standards and Labor Productivity: Understanding the Mechanisms That Sustain Sustainability,” was published in the Journal of Organizational Behaviour.

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How CSR Affects Employees
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