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Business cards are here to stay

Despite everything going digital, paper-less, and into the cloud, there's one old-school business tool that appears poised to outlast almost every other piece of technology or communication device - the humble business card. Why has the business card not died? Why don't people use smartphone apps like Bump more? Why do [...]

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Tough new Canadian anti-spam laws will make it hard for small businesses to connect with new customers

Starting July 1, Canada will finally be the last of the G20 countries to enact tough anti-spam legislation, in the form of the CASL (link to Gov't of Canada site describing the law.) Some small businesses, however, are concerned that the new law goes too far in restricting the abilities of companies [...]

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The Future of Marketing is Emotional

Tear-jerkers and twist endings in mini-movies that barely seem like ads A couple years ago, when videos first started to go 'viral'...some big name marketing companies saw the opportunity inherent in this perfect model of shared content and started making videos, specifically with the intention of "going viral." Seems a [...]

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