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Jason Steeghs. As director, Jason wears many hats and serves the role of client relations, project manager, creative director and strategist, and writer/editor in chief.

The Best Data Visualization & Infographics

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards have been released, and there are some stunning examples of amazing graphic representations of complex data among the winners. From the awards website: "The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards celebrate excellence and beauty in data visualizations,?infographics?and?information art." See more at: http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com Though I've used [...]

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The Future of Marketing is Emotional

Tear-jerkers and twist endings in mini-movies that barely seem like ads A couple years ago, when videos first started to go 'viral'...some big name marketing companies saw the opportunity inherent in this perfect model of shared content and started making videos, specifically with the intention of "going viral." Seems a [...]

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Still think WordPress is just for blogs?

It started out that way, but it's all grown up! 100,000 new sites per day isn't a niche market! For a small open-source project not presided over by a big company, WordPress has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, familiarity and usage that hides it's humble origins. Estimates vary, but [...]

Typography Geek Post – The difference between “Font” and “Typeface”

If you're really into the fascinating, creative-yet-practical world of typography (like I completely admit to being) you may have come across these two words (Font and Typeface) and seen them used interchangeably. However there is a subtle distinction, albeit one that's less clear since typography made the jump from cast [...]

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A Short, Informative Primer on Data Back-up

Taxes, Dentist, Insurance...and Back-up Ok...nobody really wants to have to think about backing up files and data and computers...let alone read about it. But hey...you know what they say about an ounce of prevention. It goes double for digital storage. If you consider the amount of time, energy and resources [...]

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Communications And Sustainability In the Mining Industry

The IFC, ICMM and Brusnswick Group have published an extensive report reviewing the ways that communications support sustainability. The five key areas discussed are: Creating an environment for effective stakeholder dialogue Using transparency to build trust Integrating communications to enhance sustainability efforts Prioritising internal communication and corporate culture Measuring impact [...]

Infographics – passing trend or valuable data visualization tool?

Whatever you call them - charts, tables, graphs - there's been an explosion of info-graphics on the internet and in publications. Everywhere you look, people are designing graphics to represent the overabundance of data being collected. But in the process, sometimes people forget the critical step of sorting and clarifying [...]

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Environmental Performance Boosts Employee Productivity says NBS

If you need further proof that integrating sustainability into your company is good for business, the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) has recently published a post deconstructing a study that shows a significant enhancement in employee performance in companies that make significant strides to enhance their positive environmental performance. Read [...]