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The Best Data Visualization & Infographics

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards have been released, and there are some stunning examples of amazing graphic representations of complex data among the winners. From the awards website: "The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards celebrate excellence and beauty in data visualizations,?infographics?and?information art." See more at: Though I've used [...]

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Typography Geek Post – The difference between “Font” and “Typeface”

If you're really into the fascinating, creative-yet-practical world of typography (like I completely admit to being) you may have come across these two words (Font and Typeface) and seen them used interchangeably. However there is a subtle distinction, albeit one that's less clear since typography made the jump from cast [...]

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Infographics – passing trend or valuable data visualization tool?

Whatever you call them - charts, tables, graphs - there's been an explosion of info-graphics on the internet and in publications. Everywhere you look, people are designing graphics to represent the overabundance of data being collected. But in the process, sometimes people forget the critical step of sorting and clarifying [...]

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