Integrated Business Sustainability Communication

The mission of Big Picture Communication is to assist businesses, through the use of communication tools, technology and practices, to reduce their impacts on the planet and people through transparency, reporting and better management.

Triple Bottom Line

We help companies and organizations leverage the value of their ESG & CSR work through effective communication channels and strategies.

Concept to Delivery

You supply the subject matter. We build the tools & systems, and create the mediums & messages to reach your audience.

Forward Facing

We are excited by new ideas, we are passionate about engaging content and great design, and we love exploring the potential of new technology.

We’ve worked with:

What We Do

We offer a range of services, for corporations and SMEs both, to take advantage of the opportunities available through the process of mapping company performance, initiatives and goals with regards to environmental, social and economic impacts. We can help you clarify the overwhelming maze of requirements for various standards and principles, and align your efforts with recognized frameworks. From data tracking and management to materiality analysis to writing and publication, we can help you slowly ease into the process or help your team dive right in. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems at first, and we can help ensure that the entire business and management approach benefits from an integrated exercise in reflective goal setting. Easier that you think!

We offer a range of custom business communication services that include research and writing, report generation, and strategy. We also set up data management systems for reporting and framework/standards compliance – both the IT aspect and the organization & protocols. From internal analysis to public-oriented case studies, or a comprehensive plan for capitalizing on your company’s unique position, we can prepare core content and publication-ready written pieces to benefit your team’s decision making or marketing efforts. Read more.

From researching and writing about CSR & ESG issues, to SEO-friendly website content, to sustainability reporting, to social media updates. We can research, write, edit, and publish both in-depth analysis and catchy marketing copy. Check out some examples in our portfolio. Get the details.

We have a separate branch of our company that deal exclusively with graphic design, print layout and production, web design and development, photography, videography, branding and info-graphics. We have many years of experience developing finished marketing and design products and services, from print and screen-based content to social media and marketing systems, SEO, and data management & IT. Find out more.

Doing well by doing good

We believe that applying effective communication techniques and excellent content to the fields of CSR & business sustainability, and green product and service promotion, can greatly increase the triple bottom line and make companies' impacts more positive.

From concept to delivery, we have the full suite of business sustainability communication services covered.

Why Big Picture?

  • We are well versed in business sustainability practices and CSR.
  • We are up to speed on communication production & technology.
  • We have experience with the extractive sector, industry associations, clean-tech, green building, and the construction and home-building industry.
  • We can research, write, produce or consult on sustainability reports.
  • We can help you navigate principles and standards requirements plus compile and layout the document.
  • We can develop strategies for CSR, environmental and stakeholder engagement data management, complete with the online technology to support it.
  • We  help you connect to your audience through an eye-catching printed materials and web content, all with great copy.

Your impact. Your message. Let us help you make them both positive.

From data management systems to white papers, stakeholder engagement to sustainability reporting, almost all business sustainability begins with taking stock, measuring impacts and setting goals, and then from there, creating an integrated system for collecting data and stories, implementing policies and initiatives, and finally communicating it all clearly both internally and externally.

What gets measured gets managed; we can help with materiality, KPI’s and narratives, or requirements for regulatory and voluntary standards and principles for industry association and lenders. Whether implementing GHG reduction targets, participating in biodiversity offset programs, greening your supply chain, creating community investment projects, enforcing H&S best-practices, or writing anti-corruption policies…all these CSR/ESG initiatives are built upon a solid communication system – clearly defined data and document management, a rigorous framework that can grow with the scope of the initiatives, and well-written content presented in an engaging and interactive format.

There is no single solution that fits all situations, but there are highly developed and trusted industry-standard systems and best practices that can be applied to scale up or down in accordance with each company’s unique combination of priorities, structure and stage of commitment to integrating the triple bottom line. Big Picture Communication is well versed in the wide range of open-sourced and proprietary content and process management systems, frameworks and IT to help any company create a unique, tailored solution, whether it be for just a single document or an entire ongoing sustainability reporting system.